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weekly report
Activity rates give you accurate productivity benchmarks
Hubstaff's dashboard shows your entire team’s productivity in one view
Time and activity reports help cut out inefficiency
Hubstaff productivity measurement tool

How employee productivity tracking works

  1. Your team downloads the app

    Hubstaff’s Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook apps, plus the Google Chrome extension and web timer, all offer various productivity features.

  2. Employee productivity is measured

    As team members track time, Hubstaff records activity, projects, and tasks. Everyone has access to all their own data.

  3. Gain insights to increase productivity

    Detailed reports and the Hubstaff dashboard let you dig into what’s working and where you can improve.

Measure employee performance

Employee productivity tracking software features

Hubstaff is built to provide transparency, access, and control for your whole team.

See how tracking works

Time tracking plus Monitoring software

monitor productivity remotely


Keep an eye on employee productivity trends

Spot improvements and dips over time with employee productivity monitoring: a benchmark based on work hours, productivity metrics, and task management.


Optimize employee performance

Identify the tasks taking up the most effort for the smallest return. You can even set project budgets to alert you as limits are approached.


Automate everything

Integrate with our Agile project management tool, Hubstaff Tasks. Together, these apps help to streamline communication for greater efficiency. Learn more about Hubstaff Tasks

Productivity monitoring software for Remote teams

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Productivity reporting for remote employees and freelancers

Monitoring tools based on keyboard and mouse usage.

Over 30+ integrations

Automate more with integrations like Slack and Asana.

Track employee time and overall productivity

Monitor social media use.

Idle time settings

Get reminders to stop tracking or reassign time when idle.

Time tracking

Easy, accurate apps for desktop, web, and mobile.

Project and time management

Developed to fit the needs of most of the agile project managers in all business areas

Real-time data

Employee monitoring software to measure team members' workflow and identify ways to increase productivity and profitability.

Streamlined payroll

Add pay rates and send payments based on time tracked.

Simple pricing

Plans that fit your needs on productivity tools

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Andriy Sambir / CEO of LinkUp

Hubstaff solved our pain point the moment we started using it. Not only are we saving time and money, but our team actually has more free time each day


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