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The smarter timesheet software for tracking employee hours

Timesheet software from Hubstaff helps employees easily track the time they spend on projects and tasks. Detailed timesheet data can then be used to process payroll, invoice clients, and give you a clear picture of your costs.

Ditch the paper time cards altogether. Digital timesheets are automatically generated from our time tracking apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOs, and Google Chrome.

Why choose Hubstaff as your timesheet software?

Hubstaff's modern timesheet software can replace messy Excel templates, inaccurate paper time cards, and manual tracking systems. Over 95,000 customers choose Hubstaff because our top priority is the accuracy of time tracking data combined with proven productivity features, including screenshots and idle timeouts.

Accurate timesheets

  • Exact time entries when employees clock in and out

  • Daily and weekly timesheet views

  • Weekly budget limits

  • Billable and non-billable hours

Timesheet approvals

  • Per-user timekeeping settings

  • Automated approval workflows

  • Lockable time to avoid late changes

Increased employee productivity

  • Idle time detection

  • Real-time user activity details

  • Employee screenshots

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How to set up your timesheet software workflow

Here's how a typical small business can reduce hassle with timesheet software in less than 60 seconds.

  1. Create a free account

    Sign up for a free plan, create your organization, and invite your employees.

  2. Download the app and track time

    Choose the right time tracker to download (desktop or mobile app) and track time to an unlimited number of projects. Employees can also enter manual time or use the web timer. Need something specific to your business? Use our API to build a custom application.

  3. See employee time and activity

    Right away, you can see employee hours in the online timesheet app. Mobile time, desktop time, and manual time are consolidated into one timesheet view.

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The benefits of powerful timesheet software

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Timesheet software use cases

  • Remote teams
  • Startups
  • Field service teams
  • Real estate
  • E-commerce
  • Construction
  • Agencies
  • IT
  • Software development
  • Digital marketing
  • Professional services

How different roles use timesheet software

Business owners
Timesheet software tracks billable time, integrates with payroll systems, and creates detailed data reports.
Built-in resource and project management plus workflow analytics make managing employees easier.
An easier way to create timesheets, plus built-in expense tracking, and more accurate time entry.
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gitlab integration
zendesk integration
quickbooks integration
paypal integration
breeze integration
asana integration
slack integration

Popular cloud-based integrations

Integrate with project management software including Asana and Jira, plus CRM and accounting tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Paypal, Wise, and Quickbooks.

trello integration
gusto integration
transferwise integration
clickup integration
freshdesk integration
github integration
insightly integration
zapier integration

How timesheet software improves employee time management

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Control costs and expenses

Employee time and job costing are hard to control, especially when managing a remote workforce. Setting billable time limits and project budgets helps you improve forecasting and stay profitable on a project-by-project basis.

Reduce Admin work

Limit the amount of hours HR teams spend on payroll with automated timesheets. Then, use Hubstaff Pay or integrate with popular payroll tools like Wise, Gusto, and PayPal. You’ll be able to turn timesheets into payments across a wide array of apps right from Hubstaff. 

Increase working hours

Time tracking software brings accountability to the forefront for both managers and staff. Employee timesheets ensure that invoicing and payroll are accurate and give you a way to track time off.

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