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Hubstaff habit tracking app

Track habits with Hubstaff

This habit tracker app lets you use the desktop or mobile habit tracking apps to track the time spent on each habit. Use time reports to gain insights and adjust how you approach habits.

How habit tracking works

How Hubstaff’s habit tracker app works

Why you need a habit tracker app

Habit tracking features for visualizing progress

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App and URL habit tracker

Use Hubstaff’s app and URL tracking feature to keep track of the apps and websites you spend most of your time on. Identify time-wasters and get your productivity back in the process.

Time tracking reminders

Never forget to track your time by setting up reminders. Choose the time and days when you want to be reminded about tracking time.

Habit reports

Hubstaff’s detailed reports help you learn how you’re spending your time. Use the insights to develop healthy habits and spend your time more productively.

The habit tracker app you need to power positive habits

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Mobile habit tracker apps

Use Hubstaff’s iOS and Android habit trackers to track time spent building habits while you’re on the go. Set up reminders to make sure you remember to track your time.

Manual time entry

Leave no time untracked. Add manual time entries later to account for those occasions when you didn’t have your device with you.

Time notes

Add context to your time entries with notes. Include information on the activity you were doing, the location where it took place, and any other relevant details.

Features to help you build long-lasting habits

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Detailed reports

See reports to understand how much time you spend on habits, identify time-wasting activities, and more.

Desktop and mobile apps

Use Hubstaff’s simple habit tracker apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

App and URL tracking

Find out which apps you use the most and which websites you visit the most frequently.


Hubstaff can take screenshots of your screen at timed intervals to add context to your time entries so you can have an easier time remembering what you were doing.

Achievement badges

Get achievement badges for productivity boosts and spending more time on your habits.

Time tracking reminders

Set up reminders to remember to track your time consistently.

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