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Real estate time tracking dashboard

Insights and automated timesheets

Hubstaff’s time tracking for real estate helps you gain valuable insights. Utilize activity, website and app usage, and other insights to see which teams, projects, or locations are the most productive and profitable. Then use the data for accurate timesheets you can review and approve right from your dashboard.

Payroll for real estate teams

Streamlined payroll for real estate teams

Use timesheets to accurately pay employees. Then set pay rates and hours limits so you can invoice accountants, property managers, ISAs, or contractors. Connect payroll integrations to pay freelancers and global teams in their preferred currency and payment platform.

Time and activity report

Empower your mobile workforce

Real estate agents are always on the go. Connect to Hubstaff on desktop, Chrome, iOS, or Android so professionals can plug in wherever they work.

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Simple, organized scheduling

Manage schedules for contractors, virtual assistants, and employees with an easy-to-use calendar. Schedule recurring shifts and get alerts when they're started late, missed, or abandoned.


Add GPS tracking features with Hubstaff Field

Manage real estate agents, mobile cleaners, or staging teams with Hubstaff Field. Use the built-in time tracker or create geofenced Job sites that track employee time automatically. Then see the data come to life with built-in budgets and job costing. 

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Hubstaff makes it easier to manage real estate teams

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Hubstaff saves countless hours of time by eliminating manual timesheets.

More than a time clock tool

Track time off

Set up time off policies for your team. View and approve requests and see available PTO or vacation balances.


Automatically convert time tracking data into timesheets. Then review, approve, and pay right from the Hubstaff app. 


Seamlessly integrate with over 30 of your favorite apps like Calendly, Trello, and Salesforce. 

Achievement badges

Hard work gets rewarded. Employees will receive achievement badges for hours worked, hot streaks, and other productivity milestones.

Billable hours

Use project-based tracking to see the time your team spends on billable vs. non-billable hours. Then use the data to manage profit margins.

Budget forecasting

Set hours and budget limits for each project and get alerts as your team nears the set budget. 

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