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Savvy talent acquisition teams manage searches and placements with Hubstaff

Staffing agencies
Accurately record recruiter hours and create custom invoices for contingency searches or RPO clients.
Corporate recruiting teams
Focus on succession, retention, and requisition with time tracking, employee scheduling, and automated payroll.
Human resource management
Manage time off, log employee satisfaction, and use productivity data to supplement performance reviews

Improve the employee experience of in-office and remote staffing teams with Hubstaff

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Workforce management

Hubstaff enables workforce management for leaders focusing on productivity, transparency, and employee happiness. Ensure staff hit their time-to-fill targets or DEI goals without overworking them.

Productivity monitoring

With productivity insights, managers have visibility into what remote or hybrid team members are working on without micromanaging. 

Automated payroll

Easily connect Hubstaff with your favorite payment application. Payroll directly tied to time tracking data means accurate payments every time, without the hassle.

Detailed timesheets

Detailed timesheets make it easy to show clients and management what teams accomplished. With online timesheets, there’s no question about what anyone worked on.

Advanced security and compliance for critical talent acquisition data

Protecting important employee data is non-negotiable. Your information is always safe with Hubstaff. That's why we offer advanced features to help you meet GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type II compliance standards.

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Manage your talent acquisition efforts with Hubstaff

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Automated project management to boost talent acquisition.

Comprehensive talent acquisition workforce management for however your team works

Remote management with fewer check-ins

Streamline all aspects of remote workforce management. With productivity monitoring and time tracking, you never have to worry about your team's productivity. 

Enable your team to work from anywhere

Hybrid employees can track time anywhere, in the office or on the go. Download Hubstaff for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Or, use the Google Chrome extension.

Improve transparency for contractors

Managers can create time reports that will allow them to learn how contractors spend their time. Then, use this information to develop estimates, streamline workflows, and pay contractors for completed work.

Increasing productivity for your talent acquisition team? Hubstaff can help


With 30+ integrations, you don’t have to ditch your current tools. Connect with outreach, CRM, and ATS tools through Zapier.

Timesheet approvals

Review time cards for 100% accuracy before paying team members.

Track time off

Simplify your PTO process with easy-to-approve time off requests.


Create shift schedules for each employee. Get notifications about late or missed shifts.


Upload receipts and categorize expenses, then connect them to projects or client budgets.

Work breaks

Create break policies for your team to ensure work hours are compliant with local or state laws.

Improve profitability and productivity

Grow your talent acquisition business with secure payments, scheduling, reporting, and more.

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