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Build detailed and actionable time reports
Avoid errors with accurate timesheet invoicing
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how time reporting works

How Hubstaff’s time reporting works

  1. Your team tracks time using the desktop, web, or mobile app

    First, your team will download Hubstaff's iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux, or Windows app, or use the Chrome extension, and track time to the tasks they're assigned.

  2. Customize time reports by week, team member, project, or client

    Find the exact answers you need by filtering reports and saving them for future use. Schedule or send reports directly.

  3. Understand your project’s profitability and plan better

    Stay on top of changing hours, costs, budgets, and more with Hubstaff’s time reports. Improve resource planning and estimating by seeing how work hours are spent.

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reports for productivity-boosting insights

A complete profitability and productivity reporting platform

time and productivity reporting solution


Track your profitability and expenses

Set and track weekly limits for your team members and know how much of a project’s budget has been spent. Check the Hubstaff dashboard for a quick glance or dig into budget reports for more accurate forecasting in the future.


Pay your team easily and accurately

Know exactly how much to pay for employee time and have the proof of work reports to back it up. You can make automated payments to international and local employees through Hubstaff based on billable time, which you can see in the payment report.


Identify employee utilization trends

By setting weekly hours limits, you can see if team members are overloaded or are struggling to fill their billable hours. Use changes in activity rates to identify bottlenecks and improve time management, which can help you with resource planning and utilization.

More than time and attendance reporting functionalities

Timesheet approvals

Make it easy to review and approve timesheets right before you send payments for greater accuracy.

Productivity reports

Get detailed reports including customizable screenshots, apps and URLs insights, and more with Hubstaff's time tracking tool.

Manual time entries

Allow your team to add hours after the fact and see a simple time report on manual entries.

Scheduling time reports

Automate reports with custom filters sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Shifts and attendance

Spot trends for one-time and recurring shifts by viewing reports on when employees clock in with gps tracking functionalities.

Expense report

As a business owner, you can avoid unexpected costs with a report dedicated to billable and non-billable expenses.

Andriy Sambir / CEO of LinkUp

Hubstaff automatically gathers all company information — hours tracked towards projects and budgets, for example — and builds custom reports.

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